A Little Bag Tag Tutorial

I sincerely hate throwing stuff away. I'm not to the status level of "hoarder" by any means, but sometimes it really irks me to toss out something that might be useful. If this inspires you to repurpose something yourself, then my job is done here!

I work at Starbucks. Do you have any idea how many gift cards the company sells? Well, one statistic that I've heard is that they did over $82 million in gift card sales from October until after Christmas one year. That's a crapload of little plastic cards that are circulating this world. You should see how many get tossed as soon as they're spent. It's truly a shame. What can you do with those used cards, you may ask. Well, you could be like one partner (Starbucks name for employees) and collect them and laminate an old table with them. That's a bit much, huh? Or you could do what I do...make bag tags for your lunch boxes, luggage and even as tags for presents that double as the name tags for your luggage and lunch boxes and backpacks.  They have so many cute designs for every season so you could make a few of them. I'd bet that if you wanted a bunch you could ask your local store to hang on to some instead of throwing them away.

It's so easy that a chimpanzee who has never even had a peppermint mocha before could do it.

First, you'll need a few things:

-Old gift card
-Packing tape
-Name or info printed on paper to fit part of the card. You can write it out yourself or print it off from your computer
-key ring or jump rings
-Hole puncher
-Ribbon (optional flair)

Take your card and peel off the stickers. Then hole punch a corner and add the key ring.

Next you'll need to decide where you want the paper name to be. I usually just cover up the part that says Starbucks Coffee. Cut it to size and place it on the card.

Use your packing tape to adhere it to the card. I cover the whole card, front and back to be sure it sticks. Use scissors to trim the excess tape.

Attach to your bag and you're good to go! Enjoy.

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