Not lunch...just a little painting

I have a pair of Toms that have been worn for months and were getting a little shaggy. Basically, I wear them as slippers now and wear my new red ones when I need to look presentable. Two hours, some acrylic paint, a sharpie, and some ideas from Instagram...and I produced these little gems.

The best part of the whole thing: my nine year old, aka The Wild Child, came and sat with me as I painted. She got out her own art supplies and drew. All the while, she was telling me I should go to art school and asking how I learned to paint and make art. We had a great discussion and I am thinking she's been inspired to create her own art work. I told her I was self taught and that I had never painted anything until a few years ago when I went to a Cork and Canvas party with my girlfriends. I have always been able to draw and craft, but painting was something new. I often need to be inspired to paint but when I do, I'm usually pretty pleased with the outcome. There's a giant canvas in my basement waiting for such inspiration. Maybe one day...says the procrastinator. Today, it was shoes.

Here are some of my better works... My girls!
The Wild Child and Miniwoman

Who other than The Wild Child?

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  1. My iPad wont let me scroll through my post to edit, but the last painting is of my Miniwoman. She has a hear of gold and I think I captured it pretty well in that one. My sweet girl.


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