Double trouble

After making the mistake of packing myself and two kids for a Girl Scout camping trip a whole week early, I was pretty grumpy.  It has been a long week in the lunchysphere.  I worked a lot and had a lot of things going on all at once, so I'm pretty wiped out.  Although, I have found time for some creativity with the lunches I made for Monday morning.  I won a few Halloween things from ipacklunch and I'm excited to use them. I have always wanted the little silicone spider cupcake I've got six! Thanks to Debby! I also got a little ghost cookie cutter, a number of Halloween food picks, and a pumpkin and skull sandwich cutter set. What a haul!

Debby also has been using an app called "Bubbleframe" that makes some really creative photos.  It's only .99 in the App Store right now and I'm completely in love with it! Thanks for that little gem, too!  The artistic outlet I'm getting from this app is so refreshing!  I love how I feel when I look back at a picture that I took and designed...a little proud. And even better that there's no mess of glue, paint, tape, shredded paper to clean up.  Lazy woman's art!  I. All about that.
Today I made the same lunch, two ways.  One with all the frills and chills that I won from Debby, and the other is all grown up for my ever maturing sixth grader. She wants nothing to do with picks and themes.

We've got the biggest grapes I've ever seen, homemade pumpkin scones, (my husband actually made them and put one in the pumpkin muffin pan just for this lunch!), pumpkin spice pudding made with soy milk in the MiniDippers, bologna and Laughing Cow cheese spinach tortilla roll ups.  

The differences are simply the levels of cuteness.  The Miniwoman is amazing me with her growth and thoughtfulness.  At least she's still letting me make her lunch...sometimes.  Today she ripped open the lid of her lunchbox just to make sure I didn't add any fun to hers.  Now I feel like sneaking a pick in there, but I won't. Gotta respect the maturity, right?

It's amazing how just a few little accessories can jazz up a lunch.  Thanks to ipacklunch for all the supplies and the Bubbleframe ideas, and to Lunch, Snack, and "Sninner" for the idea to draw a pumpkin face on the minidippers cup.

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  1. Love it! And don't tell her, but it's still cute without the picks, muahaha :P


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