Nacho Ghastly Lunch

I'm still having fun with my stuff from ipacklunch! And the Bubbleframe app is so easy to use, my 9 year old made the picture above just for you!  

I used the skull sandwich cutter on some spinach flour tortillas, then baked them in the toaster oven for about four minutes to crisp them.  Now they're chips! I cut a wedge out of a hard boiled egg and added some teeth and speared some candy fruit slices with a ghost pick.  In the minidippers I put pumpkin pudding and salsa.  In the spider there's shredded cheese and a cut out skull slice of cheese.  I also threw in a cup of applesauce since i thought the lunch was a little light.  This was a fun lunch to make and I'm sure the Wild Child is going to have fun chewing down on her nachos. 

And the Miniwoman gets her"boring" lunch...nachos with shredded cheese and bacon, thousand island dressing to dip in, black beans, bananas, and a cereal bar. She helped with the Bubbleframe picture, too.  It's fun to see how adept they are to technology...she figured it out really fast!  I remember video games as a kid that came with lengthy instructions and phone numbers to call when you couldn't get past a they just touch the screen until it responds they way they want it to.  Amazing.

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  1. I love love love the chips! You are really working that Bubbleframe! :)


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