Smart Planet Lunchboxes

I got another set of lunch boxes for the natives.  They're from a company called Smart Planet and they're pretty awesome.  They're made of silicone and plastic and they collapse!  They also have a built in dip container on the lid, supposedly they're leak proof, and they have a little fork and spoon that attaches to the underside of the lid.  Very cute!

The lunch I packed in it is for the Miniwoman.  It has an egg man in it that is a failure from the lunch I made for the World Animal Day blog hop that will go live on Thursday at 9am Eastern.

There's a ginger snap hiding in the dip cup on the lid, some fresh mangoes, and a waffle sammich with strawberry Laughing Cow cream cheese.

So far, I'm thinking I like the lunch boxes.  They sure look cute in the pictures, don't they?

Please come back to my blog for the blog hop on Thursday, October 4, 2012. I've got a great lunch for you all and a not so great one to laugh at!


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    1. Thanks Cristi! I'm still learning to use those food markers!

  2. So cute! We had a similar lunch this week! Im curious how you like that lunch box? I saw it on Amazon a while back and thought about getting it.

  3. The jury is still out on these lunch boxes...I'm not sure yet. I really love my easylunchboxes so I may just be an ELB snob! I plan on using them a few more times to really decide. Check back for a post sometime soon...

  4. It looks like a face!

    I'm not sure how I'll feel about the wibbly bottoms on these. I tested an open one at the store (What? Would *I* open a package at a store without paying first? Pish!) since I was worried it would collapse with the food in it and crush a sandwich, but because it's air-tight, the air won't displace out. You could still crunch up potato chips though. And even collapsed a set of 4 is waaaay taller than the ELBs, storage-wise, so the collapse feature is really only useful if you need the space in your bag on the way home. So for school kids, I could see how that might be useful.

    1. They're not too wobbly, but they are huge! I couldn't fit the girls water bottles in their huge lunch boxes (we us a 9 can cooler!). I do like that you can open them all the way and they're really deep, or you can open them halfway and they're a little smaller. I'm worried about the dip cup, though. I don't think there's any way they can be leakproof.

  5. I think you should use a Sharpie to draw a mustache...


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