The autumn leaves....

I was humming that old song while I made this lunch. Jazzy and soulful, I can almost hear the brushes swipe across the snare drum now. It's my favorite sound of all. I always liked jazz, but when I met my husband, I fell in love with it...and him...and his love of that amazing music. Before he met me, he spent four years going through law school and serving up fondue at Atlanta's famous Dantes Down the Hatch.  What an awesome place to work.  We go there every year right around thanksgiving and its just so full of atmosphere and live jazz...the real jazz.  Not that crap that assaults your ears at the department stores or on many an elevator.  Smooth and lilting, genuine and mesmerizing.  Thinking of it now, I may have to go play some while I clean up and get ready for a Girl Scout camping trip.

This lunch is simple but cluttered just like my yard is starting to get...Tons of leaves!  Kiwi, veggie chips, bologna and cheese swirled bread sandwiches and chunks of cheese speared by more leaves.

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  1. Stupid Internet lied to me...that's Paula Cole, not Diana Krall. Still beautiful!


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