A new look for lunchy

A very special thanks to Beth, over at www.aboyandhislunch.com for the wonderful update to my blog...it's beyond perfect for my blog and most of all, for me! She even noticed that I prefer lowercase letters. In fact, if computers and iPads wouldn't auto correct, this whole blog would be lowercase. If only facebook would allow me to lowercase my name...but it won't. What attention to detail! Thank you so much, Beth! I absolutely LOVE it and know my readers will, too.

Just for www.aboyandhislunch.com, I made a cute snowman roll up lunch for the wild child, and used Beth's logo as a watermark on it...you'll be seeing a lot of that little lunch mustache from now on! Enjoy!

The lunch has turkey tortilla roll ups, carrots and ranch in the minidipper, Veggie Stix and clementine oranges.

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