feeling a little lazy

So, I'm still a little lazy on the blog-front, and I've been posting my lunches on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/feelingalittlelunchy

Here's what you missed if you didn't see my posts, as so many of you don't, according to my account stats. Facebook has been limiting the audiences on pages because they're trying to get us to pay to have all of our "likers" see our posts. Oh well. I'm checking out Google Plus, and you can find me, and a ton of other lunchers on there, too. Look up "Let's Pack Lunch" a community started by the ever awesome, Kelly Lester, of www.easylunchboxes.com fame.

The first gift of Christmas!!!

Bento Lunch
Bento Blog Network

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  1. Cute! I recently had a toasted bagel with laughing cow smeared on it...it was so yummy!


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