Meatless Monday meal plan

This week I am trying a new meal planning technique.  We will see if it works...

Today is "Meatless Monday" and is exactly what it sounds like.  It's not my idea to call it that...I have heard it on the interwebs. 

We had wintery shaped pasta, with my favorite Mid's Homestyle Pasta Sauce, a simple salad and homemade copycat Olive Garden breadsticks from my wonderous bread machine.  Delicious!  The sauce was buy one get one free at Publix and it's usually like $5 a 32 ounce jar.  That's a great deal.  I may have to go back and stockpile that one.

Tomorrow, I've got to have a little minor surgery, so I am not sure if I will follow through with Taco Pie Tuesday or not...oh.  And I just remembered that my daughter has a chorus concert...maybe it will be more like Taco Bell Tuesday.

Will someone please tell me what the what this shape is?


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