feeling facebooky again

Here's what you missed while I wasn't here:

I finally bought a set of Lunchbots! And the girls went nuts over that little gnome pick.

the lunchy bunch: two easylunchboxes.com bags and one really awesome www.thrifteegear.com upcycled tshirt bag for the middle schooler.  She loves it!  Review to come.

More lunchbots!

Funbites ELB lunch

A is for Abby...trying out my Americolor food pens

Molly wishes she could have some ELB Brights. We just got them in and of course they're a hit!

Used the Americolor pens on that egg...Abby ate everything but the face. HA!

Crockpot applesauce takes way longer than just doing it on the stove. But yummly!

Chicken sausage and dumplings was a hit. Recipe from Johnsonville, I pinned it somewhere!

Santa brought us a little Crate&Barrel chocolate fondue set...yummers!!

Grown-Ups Gotta Eat


  1. That egg is creepy, but the dog is cute!!!

    Thank you for linking up at Grown-Ups Gotta Eat!!

    1. Thanks Beth! Yeah, the egg was a bit creepy. And Molly is a mess...she's a jack/chi mix...omg. Talk about jumpy and crazy!

  2. Erin, Molly looks exactly like our little Booker...only he's more golden colored. He was abandoned so we don't know his lineage...but, we think he's a Chihuahua-Besinji. We call him a Chihuaster...part Chihuahua, part Disaster!


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