feeling a little lunchbots linky love

I thought I'd give it a go with a linky...I recently bought a set of Lunchbots lunch boxes and I must say, I'm in love. They're small but mighty and definitely make for some amazing food photos.

I bought the Lunchbots Duo set and the Trio set. They seemed quite small in comparison to my beloved Easylunchboxes, but I was amazed by how much they can pack. Neither of my girls went hungry...

It's been a bit cold here in Georgia this week...so snowflakes and mittens and a snowman grace the Lunchbots Trio lunch. Mini Rye bread turkey sandwich, tomatoes, oyster crackers, an egg and some bunnies as a treat. I also sent a thermos of soup along with this one and the one below.

The gnomes were a huge hit! Even with the middle schooler. As you can see, both the Trio and the Duo are packed for two different kids...one likes tomatoes. One doesn't. One likes carrots. One doesn't. Wow. I'm so versatile, aren't I?

Bento Lunch


  1. Your lunches are gorgeous, Erin! And yes, you really can and did pack a lot into those awesome little things! It's nice to change things up on occasion. I love mine! Thanks for the linky! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share a little LunchBots love! There were my first bento box, and we still love them so much. Great product, great company!

    1. No proble, Venia! They're the first lunchbox besides my ELBs that I actually like!

  3. Great link-up! Thank you! Your lunches look awesome! :)


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