feeling a little plumpy

With the end of the holidays near, I'm feeling a bit overstuffed. Lots of candy, cookies and treats were shoved down my gullet and my pants are feeling the strain of ten extra pounds hanging around my belly. What better way to make yourself feel healthier than to go shopping for foods at Whole Foods? That place is like a dream. As I walk through the aisles, I simply feel like I'm doing my body a good deed. There's something about the concrete floors and chalkboards that brings me to buy more fruits and vegetables than I would at Publix. Maybe it's the giant bins filled with colorful produce. Maybe it's the aprons the employees wear. I often daydream about working there, too. Like it would be a good fit for me, so different from Starbucks...where I often have customers request twelve pumps of classic (liquid sugar) syrup in their iced teas. Yes. Twelve. Blurg.

On the menu this week...

Honey apple pork loin
Spinach quiche
Chicken sausage and dumplings
Split pea soup and grilled cheese
Black eyed peas and collards on New Years

Photo of employee with vegetables from www.wholefoodsmarket.com

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