feeling a little proud

I've had a cold all week, but obviously, the world keeps spinning and I still have to do all the housework stuff and work my little job for six hours a day...so, come afternoon, I've been pretty wiped out. I laid down on our bed at about 3:30 yesterday and cranked up the heater blanket to take the edge off my freezing hands and feet. Closed my eyes for a minute and it was 5pm. The little lunchies were chatting it up in the kitchen, banging around and being rather cheery. I love that they are old enough now to take care of themselves. It's been my goal all along...to create self sufficient human beings. And so far, it's working.

The kitchen was trashed and there were food scraps and open bags of carrots scattered all over the place. But the end result was that they had worked together, not a single argument overheard, and they made the Wild Child's Valentines Day lunch. Awesome. My heart was full. Best valentines gift for me ever.

A flour tortilla, filled with banana slices and peanut butter, speared with heart picks, an apple with hearts cut out all over it, (They even soaked It in salt water to keep it from browning!) Chunks of cheese cut into hearts, and carrots with hearts stamped out of them and some ranch dressing. Then they took our Americolor food markers to the whole thing and drew hearts all over it. 

Seriously loving their sisterly cooperation and creativity. This momma is proud. 

There's more proud mommas out there too...so head on over to BentOnBetterLunches to see some fantastic lunches made by a bunch of little lunchies! Click the picture link below:

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