feeling like spring break

I know...spring break is almost over. I haven't made lunches in a week, so I felt like making a fun one today. (Honestly, I'm avoiding laundry again...) We went to visit my mother in Destin, Florida. It's beautiful down there. She spoiled us rotten, we sat on the beach, went shopping and had a great girls vacation. Poor husband had to work...

The people on the beach rallied together to make that giant sea turtle sand sculpture. It was amazing! My girls helped out, too. At one point there were about 20 people all working together. Rather cool.

Today's lunch is a panda rice ball with nori accents (made with our AllThingsforSale panda mold), sliced cheese sticks, fruit leather (organic from Target) cut into letters and trail mix all served in a Lunchbots Duo. Love our Lunchbots!

Like the rice mold? Buy it here:

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