feeling a little steamy

Spring break is over. We had such a great week. Back to the grind. The girls have the dreaded CRCT state testing this week, and healthy lunches are a definite must...their brains need it! Testing starts Wednesday. Wish em luck!

I got an electric steamer this week...I suck at steaming vegetables and this thing is awesome! You can even make the boiled eggs in it. I love that I can just set the timer and walk away. The eggs took about 15 minutes to cook and the broccoli was only 6 minutes (they like it crunchy). I also made frozen fish filets and squash in it the other day. Delicious. I've got a feeling that this week will be a steamy week here in the lunchysphere.

Today's lunches are like little taster boxes. Monbento sent me a new bento box to try out and my sixth grader was very eager to use it. So far it's a great box. I will be writing a review on it soon once it's been to and from school and dishwasher a few more times.

They've each got an egg, broccoli with homemade ranch dippers, kiwi, mandarin oranges, a cheese stick and a Chobani Champions yogurt tube. Since the wild child doesn't care for broccoli much, I added some tomatoes to her lunch just in case she gives her broccoli to her friend.

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  1. Adorable and tasty looking lunches! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!


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