feeling like I wish I had an adipose

A lunch inspired by my friend Karen's blog I Wish I Had an Adipose.  Don't we all wish we did?  Well, provided that death weren't the result of the fabulous weight loss.  Obviously I'm talking about Doctor Who.  I was introduced to the show by the Bento Bloggers and Friends not too long ago.  We love it!  My girls are hooked and so am I. We've finally made it to season five and the eleventh doctor...
While we will surely miss The 10th Doctor and Martha, and Donna, we are excited to see what this season will hold.  When Rose reappeared during season four, I was surprised by how much we had missed her.  The girls absolutely loved the adipose!  They soooo want one.  Not for weight loss, but just to snuggle with.

Thanks to my Whovian friends for introducing us to this. It's really brought me and my girls together in a rather fantastic way.

For Mothers Day, the girls bought me icing colors, so I just painted their cheese sandwiches with them.

Grapes and snap pea crisps will travel along with this lunch.

You know...the Doctor has two hearts, the girls like to remind me whenever they see something with double hearts.

My little adipose looks a little evil...


  1. Of course I absolutely loooooove these! AND you!

  2. <3 <3 Love!!!! These are fantastic!

  3. I've still never seen Dr. Who, but that Tardis is AMAZING!

  4. Wow that cheese art is amazing! Of course I love the themes too ;)


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