feeling like time flies

How on earth are there only three days of school left?  My baby will be in fifth grade. My miniwoman in seventh. I can't believe it. I miss the baby days!  Do I want another baby? No. Emphatic no.  I miss the sweet things they'd say...like when Fiona was about two and she was hysterical, screaming "FOOF-Ah-NOOOOO!!!" And it took me twenty minutes of unloading the cabinet to get to the bag of marshmallows...when I finally did, she stopped screaming and we counted out five mini marshmallows and she toddled off, happy as a clam.  And when Abby was about 16 months old, we were worried that she couldn't speak.  Not a word out of that kid, no babbling, no attempts at all to say anything.  We had her hearing checked, we tried to help her say something...and then one day, she walked by the hubs with a little bag of food, of which he attempted to grab some of, and she furrowed her brow and told him "No. Eat. My. Nack." She hasn't shut up since. I don't miss the diapers, the potty training, the nap schedule, the food schedule, the lack of sleep, the delirium that ensues when babies are sick...

Would I do some things differently?  Of course.  Wouldn't we all?  I wish I had known about fun lunches long before they started school. Muffin tin meals, cloth diapering (I'd have given it a go) and most of all, I wish I had realized how fast they grow up and had more patience with them.  But the fact that they've grown doesn't upset me much...I'm raising two rather good kids.  Two soon to be upstanding, self sufficient members of society. Two bright stars...my gorgeous girls. Sniff. Sniff. 

I may not be able to make their lunches fun like this for long...but this year, I've done roughly 320 lunches for the two of them.  I loved taking care of them, showing them my creativity, showing them I loved them enough to try to make them happy.  I love my girls. 

Today's lunch was by request:

Peanut butter on a flour tortilla, rolled up and cut like sushi (thanks to MOMables for the idea), a banana, an egg, pretzels and a cheese stick.

That silly mustache and tongue thing was from a lollipop we bought over the weekend.  Those things are hysterical!

So.  Three days left. Three school lunches.  But surely we will have to eat over the summer at some point.  And I've got Pinterest ideas overflowing...so plan on seeing me for some fun!



  1. Wow, I didn't realize when I opened your blog this morning that you'd have me in tears!! Lovely tribute to your girls. They DO grow up way too fast. Love your fun lunch, and yes, that mustache is hilarious!!

  2. Yum! The mouth with mustache is too funny!


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