feeling a little housewifey

Hey everyone!  I wear an apron!!!
(Like the sign above the door there, too? It's my favorite. Coffee first, then talk...It speaks the truth.)

I am thrilled to be one of the contributors for the Pillsbury Bake Off Apron Pinspiration board on Pinterest. What a great board!  I wear an apron all day at work, then I get home and put on my cute one. I am so used to wiping my hands on my apron all day, so often I forget and wipe crap all over my clothes. Wearing an apron at home has helped. It's so nice that there are so many styles to choose from out there now...definitely not your June Cleaver aprons!

Here's one I'd love to own: http://www.lovethroughthestomach.com/2010/06/awesome-aprons-

Go check out www.pinterest.com/alittlelunchy and see the Pillsbury board I contribute to for more aprons!

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