feeling a little magical

Girl Scouts. A weekend camping in a cabin. A Harry Potter theme. All adds up to a great weekend with the wild child and eleven other girls, dressed in robes, donning their magic wands and having a fantastic time at Camp Meriwether just south of Atlanta. The staff at the camp made such a memorable time for all who attended.

Our troop was added to Hufflepuff House by the sorting hat upon arrival. We earned points playing Quidditch, crafting, decorating cupcakes and making magic wands with unicorn (horse) hair and hot glue. We even got to care for magical creatures and try our hands at Harry Potter trivia. Ultimately, our house won the House Cup and the girls were ecstatic. If your local Girl Scouts council offers a Hogwarts weekend, I highly recommend you try to go.

A friend of the wild child loves the lunches I make, so much so that her mother even bought her Easylunchboxes for her birthday. Her friend came over the afternoon before we went to camp, so we all made a Harry Potter lunch together.

Open faced salami sandwich with cheese letters, a candy eye in the O for Mad-Eye Moody, striped bowtie pasta to look like the scarves worn by students at Hogwarts, and an egg with Harry drawn on it. The girls had fun helping me make it. The eye and the little cheese wand cut out in the center of the salami was their idea entirely.

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