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It's a five day vacation here in the lunchysphere. We are enjoying our first ever family vacation that we've had to actually pay for. Sure, we've taken vacations, but my mother lives in Destin, Florida, (in a resort...sweet) so usually we just stay with her. My inlaws and my sister live in Savannah, so we've got two fantastic places to go when we want to get away.  We didn't go far...we are about four hours south of Atlanta at Tybee Island, right near Savannah, so apparently we like to stay close!  We've rented a little house, quaintly named "Salty Paws" which is offered by Tybee Vacation Rentals.  This house is perfect for us!  We are a family of four, with a dog...who was allowed to join us.  There are no dogs allowed on the beach, but Molly is happy just being with us. I'm happy not having to think of her all alone at home or being boarded somewhere. 

Day one was a little rough. The wild child woke up early that morning with a fever and a stomach ache. We feared our plans would be foiled. We weren't leaving until around noon, so that bought some time to wait and see if she felt better. She felt well enough by about one to attempt the drive. Her fever kept on throughout the day.  I finally gave her some medicine when we arrived. I'm a strong believer in the power of your body to heal, and that a fever is attempting to do just that for you. So, let it burn off the sick whenever possible...otherwise the medicine just prolongs the illness.  When she woke up the next day, she was feeling fine!  And that has continued, so I think we are in the clear.  

We spent the entire day at the beach. This beach is different from the one we are used to in Destin.  It's more solid.  The sand is not quite as nice, but it makes for easy walking and we even saw people pushing strollers along it. Don't worry!  Sand castles and holes to China are still possible...it's not made of rock, folks!

We had a little celebration for my husbands parents at his brothers vacation house...they are staying down the street from us, which makes for extended family fun!  His parents have been married for fifty years! Congratulations to them!

We visited the Tybee Light Station which was neat. Its the tallest lighthouse in Georgia. Right across the water from is ot the smallest lighthouse in Georgia, too. Very cool. I got the awesome photo of the lighthouse at the top of this post...lucky shot. Can you believe it was taken with my iphone?

We also did a dolphin tour. Of course the first group of dolphins we encountered were ensuring the survival of their species. We had to field a few awkward questions from the kids. It made for a fun afternoon. 

If you ever want to visit Tybee, I highly recommend Tybee Vacation Rentals (www.tybeevacationrentals.com) for your lodging. Our little house was not only affordable, it was clean and the company was very casual and easy to deal with. Even our dog was allowed to join us on this vacation. I was not compensated by TVR at all...I'm just letting you know how much I enjoyed our visit and how great our rental was. 

And now...for the one and only lunch I photographed:
Your classic peanut butter and jelly sammy, CheezIts and Trader Joes dried mandarins. Our EasyLunchboxes are perfect for the beach!  When I ate my lunch surrounded by children running on the sand, I put the lid back on the box to protect my food. I love that they're so easy to remove and replace, and I'm so lazy!  

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