feeling a little green pouch-y

I sooo wish they had these Little Green Pouch food pouches when my girls were younger.  They're fantastic!  I can only imagine the amount of applesauce and yogurt that could have been eaten instead of smeared on the table...

Even though my girls are 10 and 12 now, they still like the pouch foods.  The 12 year old will eat them at home but I'd probably regret sending it to school with her for lunch. The 10 year old?  She loves them and has even requested them for lunch. 

We have used them for a variety of foods.  Applesauce and yogurt, smoothies and ice cream. These pouches are high quality. They've stood up to the fridge, the freezer and the dishwasher. I was concerned about the bag popping open if the kids squeezed it.  Never once has that been an issue. The seal is perfect, provided you don't over fill the pouch.

They work well in the freezer, too.  Perfect for doubling as an ice pack in those lunches!  

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