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Fourth of July Black+Blum lunch pot

What's Black+Blum, you ask?  It's a great lunch supply company out of London. I love the European styling of this lunch pot.  It's sleek, simple and easy to use. They so kindly sent me one of their lunch pots to review.  We love it!  It's quite a departure from our typical lunch boxes and my husband really appreciates the more adult look and style of the pot.

We've made several lunches and leftover lunches in this pot. I wanted to give it a good run...put it through the kids, the husband, the pool, the dishwasher so I could really make an honest assessment of it.  Even though this lunch pot is so very European, I decided to make it celebrate the Fourth of July with us.  

In the smaller pot, we have organic carrots with homemade ranch dressing in the little Tupperware dip cup (doesn't come with the Black+Blum lunch pot).  In the larger pot there's a turkey and cheese star sandwich nestled among some fresh baby greens.  Of course, the flag is what makes this lunch so patriotic. 

The whole set is stackable and binds together with a strap that holds a spork on the side. When you're done eating, the little pot nests within the larger one to make the set more compact.  

We've also packed leftovers in our lunch pot. My husband was more than thrilled to take the following meal to work:

Yellow rice and poached salmon...his fanciest lunch yet.  I was imagining him swinging the pot and skipping through the doors of his office downtown. The pot is microwaveable, just open the lid and pop it in there.  Don't leave the lid sealed!  He accidentally left the pot at work for a number of days, ok, like 10 days. I feared the yellow rice would have stained the pot.  No!  No stains at all!

I love the lunch pot and would recommend it. Black+Blum is a great company to work with as well.  They respond to emails quickly and I'd say their customer service is top notch. Thanks for the opportunity to use and love your products, Black+Blum!

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  1. This lunch pot is so neat.. love what you're packing!!

  2. What a fun lunch - the carrots are smiling :) Thanks so much for linking up to the 4th of July Linky Party & Happy Independence Day!

  3. Cute!! I love the lunch pot it's so interesting :D


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