feeling a little PlanetBox envy

I finally got a PlanetBox!!  They were so generous to send me a PlanetBox Shuttle to review. It's a really cool addition to our lunchbox collection!  This is a smaller box, good for small lunches or snacks, or in this case, breakfast. This meal contains grapes, pineapples in the small circular container (which comes with a lid), and a chocolate rice cake topped with strawberry cream cheese and some candy eyes.  A mustache ring completes the fun!

The box is stainless steel, dishwasher safe and came with a really cool set of magnets and a matching thermal bag.  The magnets are not dishwasher safe, so don't forget to remove them when you're cleaning your shuttle!  This box is deeper than I had expected and could definitely hold more food than I used. I love the smaller bag, which will also be good to hold a few bottles of water and a flat mat ice pack for trips to the park or pool. 

I love the designs on this set. They have many to choose from, but this one is perfect for my older kids...and myself!

I've been coveting my lunchy friends PlanetBox lunch boxes for a long time...I plan on getting the larger Rover and maybe the Launch sometime soon.  Check out some very amazing PlanetBox creations:

http://ourlunchbags.com/post/56270552094/my-little-pony-in-new-planetbox-shuttle (holy crap...this one is amazing.  Not that the others aren't...but what she can do with food markers is unbelievable!)

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  1. Holy crap ... I just saw this and your comment on the My Little Pony lunch. LOVE YOU!!!


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