feeling like summer is over

It's back to school time already!  I can't believe that my girls are in fifth and seventh grade now. This was quite an easy lunch to prepare, and I had some inspiration from a fellow luncher, Bento-logy. Thanks for the idea!  I used three slices of bread. I cut the crust off all slices, then took one slice and cut it diagonally in half for the pencil top.  I trimmed all the meat and cheese to fit.  The scraps were eaten by the hungry helper I had...no waste!

This lunch contains a turkey and cheese sandwich pencil, tomatoes, blueberries, Hello Panda strawberry cookies and Wheat Thins. I used a food pen to add the details to the pencil. 

The seventh grader has a similar lunch, without all the fun, of course. She even refused the panda cookies, but she will happily eat them at home!

Good luck in the coming school year!  While I'm eager to get back to the routine, I'm surely going to miss summer.  

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  1. Love the pencil! I can't believe it's back to school already! I'm not ready to have a 7th grader!


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