feeling a little duplicated

People ask quite frequently what I do with all the scraps from the lunches I make...often there isn't much leftover, so I dole that out to the little doggie waiting patiently at my feet.  There are times when there's a bunch leftover...too much to not feel guilty about feeding to a dog.  Therefore, I simply make two lunches from one. The dog did get the bread scraps off this one. The meat and cheese, however, ended up hiding inside the mini woman's sandwich. 

Using the scraps from the lunch with the stars, I made a second sandwich for my grown up seventh grader. 

Their lunches are Trader Joe's heavy...with yogurt stars, white cheddar corn puffs and kiwi from our latest venture to Trader Joe's. They each have turkey and cheese on wheat bread as well.

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  1. I am in love with the star sandwiches skewered on the star food pick (which I just got from ATFS!). I think these will be making an appearance in my 1st grader's lunch next week. Thanks for the great idea girl!


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