feeling a little mismatched

Sometimes the girls get a bit bored with the whole wheat breads often used in their lunches. I do want to try and keep the breads healthier, but white bread is just so freaking good. Instead of going all the way and making an awesome white bread sandwich, I made a mismatched one with both wheat and white. Plus, it looks nice, right?  

(Thanks to Bentos on the Bayou for the great little food picks!  We love them!)
Slicing the bread diagonally and then flipping two pieces over makes it look a little less boring.

They've been loving a leaf of butter lettuce in their sandwiches lately, too...which is making this mom a little happy. They've got turkey, cheese and lettuce on their sammies, apple straws from Trader Joes, and baby dill pickles. The pickles are wrapped in cellophane to keep their juices from contaminating the other foods.  The EasyLunchboxes are not leakproof, folks!

This lunch was quickly made...
check out more super quick lunches over at 15 Minute Fridays with Bentos on the Bayou!
Bentos on the Bayou
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Bento Lunch
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  1. Love the lunch, Erin! I've been meaning to mix it up like this too... since the girls have been a little tired of whole wheat bread. :) have a great day!

  2. Looks yummy! We also get a bit tired of wheat bread all the time. We alternate it with White/Wheat bread from Nature's Own. Love the lunch but now I want a pickle.

  3. Feeling a little honored...that you linked up this fun lunch to 15 Minute Fridays!!


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