feeling a little gross Halloween lunch

I made fingers out of carrots and those nasty little canned viena sausages.  My girl LOVED it. Me? I don't think I'd be able to eat those things...finger shaped or not. I've got my lunch buddy over at Lunch With Eyeness to thank for the idea. She's made fingers a bunch of times and I was inspired. Thanks for the idea!

This lunch is simple to make.  I did the fingers with an exacto-knife and just threw in the rest. The wild child was annoyed that the tomatoes weren't finger shaped like everything else, but I had nothing else that would look like finger, so she will have to suffer through the tomatoes. Pickles, Snap Pea Crisps and ranch dressing in the Mini-Dipper complete the Finger Foods theme. 

What are your kids going as for Halloween?  The mini woman is going as Amy Pond from Doctor Who and the wild child gathered all the remaining odds and ends left at Target two days before Halloween...so she's going as "What they had left."  I will edit in a photo to this post tomorrow. We usually make our costumes from the wealth of ideas on Spoonful or the Family Fun Magazine ideas. They're awesome costumes and typically easy to make. Here's a few from the past:

Mini woman, age 9. Wild child age 7. 

Wild child, age 8. Mini woman, age 10. 

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