feeling a little breakfasty

Breakfast for lunch! It's a favorite around here and I'm always happy to oblige. This lunch will be eaten at room temperature and the girls don't mind that at all. Don't chide me, but those are frozen waffles that are lightly toasted, as well as Morning Star Farms veggie "sausage" patties served with syrup in the Mini Dipper. There's also an egg and a side of Muller Greek Corner yogurt. We love those yogurts!  

It's been a bit busy around here with the holidays getting ready to start. If you didn't know already, I work at Starbucks, in a mall location and I must say, it's already feeling like mid-December around there. It's been much busier and I am struggling to keep a cheerful disposition, kind of a requirement for that job. I've been quite disheartened by the decline in civility lately...and not just because I work in the service industry, but in general, people seem to be wrapped up in their phones and lives which is leaving little time to look up and say hello before barking an order at the girl behind the register. Those who do say "Hello" and "I'm fine, how are you" back to me are fewer and farther in between. I know you're busy too and really just need that coffee, but it's nice when customers genuinely respond to a simple "Hi, how are you?" Enough of that rant!  On to the next...I'm really enjoying my new camera!  It's a Nikon D5200 and my wonderful husband bought it for me for my birthday. I'm doing my best to learn how to manipulate all the settings and lenses.  I do not edit my photos for the most part, so what you see is what it looks like.  I do crop of course. Otherwise you'd be seeing my patio table and a cutting board underneath that cute background paper. Daylight savings is eating up the good light on my deck for photos.  But I must say, the photo quality from the Nikon is a lot better than the ones I've been taking with my iPhone! Check out my adorable kitten, Charles Ingalls (yes, that's his name) and how beautiful he is in the first photo I took with the new camera below. 

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