feeling a little thankful

Today is the last day of school for my girls and they're more than ready for a break. Thanksgiving is next week, but at the elementary school, they do a big thanksgiving feast for the everyone and their families. It's such a great tradition. They cover all the lunchroom tables in festive tablecloths.  There's  centerpieces.  The meal itself is done well, with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and green beans. I have loved going up to the school for lunch on this special day for years. Mainly because I absolutely love canned green beans cafeteria style, but also to spend some time with my girls.  My daughter has been spoiled, though, and has refused the feast this year.  She says she really doesn't like the cafeteria food. What's even worse is that neither my husband nor I can make it up there to eat with her. So I tried to make this lunch a little festive for her. 

It's a turkey sandwich with plastic leaves for the feathers and candy eyes. I used some food coloring gel to make the beak. She also has a thermos on the side with some hot mashed potatoes and gravy that I didn't photograph because, well, it's just a thermos of mashed potatoes. 

I truly hope that you all have a fantastic thanksgiving.  There's nothing like eating too much and being with family. We go to my brother in laws house almost every year and I can't wait to scarf down his amazing fried turkey. It's really delicious. He fries it in peanut oil and I could eat all the skin off that beast...wow, that sounds kind of gross, sorry. But it's fantastic. Happy thanksgiving!

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