feeling a little bright

The house is all decorated for Christmas. I bought this chalkboard at an antique store a few months ago and it hangs in my kitchen. It's an old twin sized headboard that was modified.  How clever.  It's one of my favorite things in the house...even if I suffer greatly every time I write on it. In fact, just the thought of drawing on the wooden surface painted with chalkboard paint sets off a series of chills and goosebumps down my arms. Wish I knew why I physically react to chalk.  Must be the sound and feel of it combined. I muscle through it and have discovered that if I keep the surface wet and freshly wiped down while I'm working on it, that the side effects are lessened. Scrawled across this board is a quote from the movie Elf with Will Ferrell. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." It's our family's favorite holiday movie by far.  The movie came out on DVD around Thanksgiving of 2004 and we bought it, not knowing that it would be such a big part of our lives. The wild child was completely enamoured by it. She was not quite two years old, and every single day she had to watch the movie before she would take a nap. I used to allow them to settle down on the couch for their naps, so she would curl up with her blanket and demand "Watchy Elf?!" This continued for almost eight months. Every. Single. Day. Even now when I hear the opening credits, I start to feel a little sleepy. 
I can still hear my sweet little toddler cursing, "Son of a nutcracker!" Might explain some of her sense of humor...

My husband is the Christmas light king. He doesn't do anything extravagant...but he sure uses a crap ton of lights. This year we can honestly say that there are no less than 3000 lights on the front of the house. 3000! Thank goodness I decorated the entire tree this year and took off some lights, too. One year he put so many on, I'm pretty sure you could see it from space. I was afraid that we might be falsely accused of being a marijuana grow house by those infared radars the police use as they fly over in helicopters. Looking at this photo now, I may have to sneak out there and remove some of those lights..

Today is the first day back after the Thanksgiving holiday break. It was a long break this year, spanning the entire week of thanksgiving. Usually it's just Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I worked Black Friday, and am proud to say that I survived. I almost skipped making lunches, but the girls are kind of picky about the lunches the school offers, so I made them.  Today's "Same lunch, two ways" is a mini bagel with turkey, cheese and lettuce, carrot slices, cheez-its, a Babybel and one with ranch, one with hummus. Happy little snowman:

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