feeling a little like making the easiest Christmas cookie recipe ever

I'm sure this cookie has been made somewhere before and probably a long time ago, but the recipe was verbally passed to me from my mother in law...that's how easy it is.  She's amazing in the kichen and if you'd like to make a much more involved cookie, check out this post I did last year for Fruit Cake Cookies.

This recipe is the best no bake, not a lot of fuss, most delicious cookie ever. They're truly the easiest cookies you'll ever make. It's so easy, that my 10 year old wild child made the whole thing. I just took pictures. 

Items needed:
Peanut butter or a peanut butter alternative like WowButter
Keebler Town House crackers
Vanilla Bark Coating also known as candy coating
Sprinkles (optional)
Parchment paper to place cookies on to cool. 

First, make sandwiches by spreading your peanut butter or WowButter between two crackers. Try not to have the butter seeping out the sides of the sandwiches too much.  It will end up melting in your candy coating and making a mess. One box of crackers yielded about 60 sandwiches for us. We made half of them with peanut butter and half with WowButter. If you're making these for people with allergies to peanuts, you'll really want to make sure you don't cross contaminate anything. 

Second, melt your candy coating as per the directions on the package. I've done this in the microwave before, but honestly, it burns very easily so using the stove top may be safer since you can actually feel the lumps melting while you stir.  The coating stays well melted for a long time after it's removed from the stove. It can also be reheated if needed. Make sure you melt it on a low setting so it doesn't burn. 

Dip the cracker sandwiches, one at a time, in the coating with two forks. Make sure to turn them over a few times to get an even coating. Hold them over the pan to drip off the excess candy. Place them on the parchment paper to cool. They take a while to cool, but you'll want to add your sprinkles while they're still melty. You can make five or ten, do the sprinkles, then go make more. Or if you prefer more simple, just leave them plain. 

That's it. You're done. Well, you'll have to wait about 45 minutes for them to be cool enough to box up.  Although, a warm candy coated peanut butter cracker is rather fantastic too. I almost prefer the WowButter ones to the traditional peanut butter. The WowButter has this great toasty flavor to it, combine that with the salt of the crackers and the uber sweet of the candy...it might just be the perfect cookie.

Now, my girls went a little overboard and whipped out my Wilton gel food colorings...they painted the twelve days of Christmas on their cookies...and a few scenes from The Hunger Games. They're still delicious!

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