feeling a little excited {Santa Claus is Coming to Lunch blog hop}

Santa is coming!  My girls are at the age where the magic is fading. They haven't said that they don't believe or even questioned us this year, but I know it's going to be the last year we can hang on to the magic. Santa brings them one big gift that's left unwrapped, since he doesn't have time to do all that wrapping.  I think they love coming down and seeing their favorite gift sitting under the tree. The excitement they have for it is genuine and I have cherished those moments. Last year, my younger daughter had some questions and her big sister would cover her ears and hum loudly to drown out the sound. It was so funny. This year, they're more interested in technology and clothes, so the big gift is going to take a lot of thought. Here it is, December 16 and we've still got nothing!  What we do have is a blog hop...since Santa is coming to LUNCH!

Please check out all the other lunches by clicking the button below, which will hop you over to the next blog and so on.  Comments are always appreciated!  See what Shirley over at Little Miss Bento has whipped up for you...her food is amazing!

I went uber simple with this lunch. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the decor and fanfare over Christmas. So I kept it to a bare minimum and hope the sentiment isn't lost. 

The lunch is simply a turkey sandwich cut to look like a fireplace, salad with carrot stars and one of our easiest cookies ever...the recipe for those cookies can be found HERE. The girls had a great time using our food coloring tints to paint on the white chocolate of the cookies. I prefer the cookies without all the paint, but they were having such a great time doing it and working together. 

I cut the crusts off the bread, except for bottom edge, which is the top ledge of the fireplace. Using the back side of the knife I pressed the bread a bit to make bricks. Cut a square out, painted a burning fire with Wilton food coloring tints and BAM! Instant doorway for Santa to come in to. Although now that I think of it, the burning fire may pose a problem for him...poor guy. 

Of course there's a Same Lunch, Two Ways since the older, mini woman would be appalled by a fireplace in her lunch. She came home and mentioned that the food coloring on her cookie had colored her teeth, which none of her friends told her about until two classes after lunch and she was embarrassed a little. She stated that I could still put the cookie in future lunches, but they had to be decor-free.  I haven't packed them salads in a while because I was getting them back and they were hungry. They ate all of the salad so I was pleased. 

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