feeling a little country

Inspired by Wendy Thorpe Copley's book EVERYDAY BENTO, I made this lunch. Thanks Wendy!

Turkey and cheese on Italian white bread with an egg adorned with carrots, an orange with raisins and some pretzel thins. Not as pretty as what's in Wendy's book, but just as tasty! I used a CuteZCute cutter for the piggie and just some good old fashioned knife work on that egg.

And of course, we have almost the same lunch in a more acceptable way for a middle schooler...minus the egg and the raisins (she doesn't like raisins or eggs in her lunch like the wild child does.)

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  1. Do you know how much junk I just bought because of your stinking cute links, Erin? With the cute little food punches, and the...just stinking cuteness. Enjoy your Amazon kickback from my whopping big $33 purchase, which is tiny, but way more than I spend on food cuteness additives in a year. :) M. has been wanting to know why we don't have cute food picks like Miss Erin. There. Take that kid.


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