feeling like I may like Lunchbox Love after all.

When I first saw these little lunchbox love notes, I will be honest...I kind of thought why the heck would I use those? How impersonal...I'll just write my own notes. Then I kept seeing them all over the lunchysphere. And I began to think that they were kind of cute and sweet. And that I'd like a set of my own...so www.sayplease.com sent me a few sets to use and enjoy. I especially like the "Did you know" factoids printed on the back of each little card. The girls and I went through all of the cards and learned quite a bit! What's fun is that there's a fact for nearly everything! There are 12 cards in each set and some of them are blank so you can write your own notes. I'm sure that you'll be seeing these all over our lunches from here on out. They're fun, educational and inspiring. And there are a ton of different sets out there to choose from. And as far as the love part...the notes are sweet and loving and quite honestly, something I'd say to my precious little lunchies anyways...I just don't have to muck it up with my crappy handwriting!

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