feeling like a snow cone

While watching TV with the kids last night, we came across a great idea for a lunch, of course! A snow cone cup with a sandwich in it. There's a restaurant in Austin, TX that makes them and when we saw it, we realized we have silicone snow cone cups (say that ten times fast!) and they were begging for a tortilla sammy in them. I'm not too sure how easy it will be to eat, but it sure is different and fun!  Thanks to The Mighty Cone for the idea!

Both lunches consist of turkey, lettuce and cheese wraps, an egg, kiwi, grapes and some pretzels. There's tomatoes in one because that kid eats them. The other won't touch the things.

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  1. Thanks, C! I was too excited!!

  2. I love Easy Lunchboxes. It really helped me get creative (not as creative as you though) with my son's lunches. He ended up eating a lot more of his food.


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