feeling like a half break

Ever feel like taking a half break? Then this is the lunch for you. I got a partner (employee) sample from work today to try out the new sandwiches at Starbucks...so I took my sample and forwarded it on to my kids via this lunch. The new ham and New York cheddar sammy will surely be scarfed down by my two kids. Who will then be required to tell me just how good it was. Hey, momma needs a break. I call it a half break since i actually had to put the rest of the lunch together. And they each got half a sandwich.

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to work at Starbucks...those rewards from your Starbucks card are good for food too! Check out my post on how to use your card to the fullest HERE

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They've got a half of said sandwich with blanched carrots, potato straws and a fortune cookie. We are trying out the blanched carrots to see if they get eaten. Lately, uncooked carrots have been passed on to friends. Cross your fingers!

How cute is the marketing crew at Starbucks? Why, yes, I will unwrap and unwind. Thank you.

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