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It's another 15 Minute Friday! I made a Vine (short, clipped video) of this lunch too...the ten, ok, almost eleven minutes it took to make this lunch included deciding what to make, finding things, and almost all of the clean up. The photos and blogging took me about twenty minutes total. It really doesn't take all that long to do, provided you're prepared and have supplies to make the cutes!

The waffles are frozen ones, cut in half and smeared with strawberry cream cheese. They'll thaw by lunchtime! There's pretzels, carrots, fresh pineapple (already cut up), ranch dressing and raisins (in one lunch). The added flair is for the fourth grader, the sixth grader is probably going to scoff at the silicone cup in hers. Oh well. Wouldn't want carrots to get on the waffle, now would we? I also included a yogurt tube from Chobani Champions. They sent me a case because I'm so clever and I won a contest on their instagram page.

Check out some more fifteen minute or less lunches over at Bentos on the Bayou. I love this gig!

Bentos on the Bayou

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I got all of the flair, except for the pie cups, at AllThingsforSale.

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  1. These lunches are so bright and inviting. They make me crave waffles.

  2. YUM! What colorful and tasty lunches. Thank you for linking to 15 MInute Fridays!


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