feeling a little thriftee

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The ThrifTee Gear bag...I actually won this bag several months ago from BentoForKidlet's blog giveaway. There is nothing bad I can say about this bag. First off, it's an upcycled shirt. With an awesome print! Secondly, it's still in perfect condition. After daily use for months, there's not a single loose thread or issue with it at all. I wash it weekly, just as I'd wash anything else. It goes through the dryer as well. Thirdly, my sixth grader thinks it's great. She was taking issue with the lunches I was making for her, saying they were babyish and not cool for a tweenie. Enter the cool, not lame ThrifteeGear bag...no more lunch complaints. Although I stopped putting food picks and cutting her food with cookie cutters at the same time.

The bag is great. I love that you can either buy one from her or you can send in your own shirts and she will custom make a bag for you. It's not a thermal bag, but has a great liner inside and coupled with an ice pack, it does the job. I have a shirt that is slowly falling to pieces that will be perfect for a lunch bag...and we definitely need another ThrifTee Gear bag!

Go visit ThrifTee Gear and check them out for yourself!

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