feeling the love for Boston

This is the first time my girls have really been aware of a tragic event. They're not scared at all, but they cannot understand why someone would do something so awful on purpose. They're intrigued by it. They ask a lot of questions and I'm completely honest with them about it. Abby asked for a lunch to show the people of Boston our love. It's not the prettiest lunch...So, here it is:

To Boston, With Love.

There aren't any words to convey our sympathies to those who lost their lives or to those dealing with injuries or emotional harm just by being there. All we can say is

Be strong, Boston. 

All decorations came from
 photo c599a2ad-0552-495f-ba34-4ab820a15598_zps0f3b931b.jpg

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  1. What a great lunch and such a sweet gesture from your little one <3

  2. That egg is absolutely genius!

  3. Sarah Paterson-FarrandApril 27, 2013 at 7:37 AM

    Lovely lunch and sentiment.


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