feeling a little jacked up

Jacked up for Halloween!  Another one of my lunchy friends, Lunchbox Dad, made a Jack Skellington lunch (here) for his daughter the other day and I just had to try my hand at it. It's a rather simple character to draw and lended himself well to a slice of provolone cheese. I love to use Wilton gel coloring with a paintbrush...makes nice clean lines and stitches for Jack's mouth.

Lunchbox Dad

The turkey and cheese sandwich is open and after I took the photo, I put the top slice of swirled rye and pumpernickel right on his skull. My girl knows he is in there, so I'm sure she will sneak a peek before she bites in.  

Also included are some grape tomatoes with little candy eyes for fun and some apple cinnamon straws. I thought the straws looked a bit wormy, so it keeps with the theme.  Now to pull out our Nightmare Before Christmas DVD to get this season moving!

The more serious seventh grader has almost the same lunch...with some minor differences.  She doesn't like tomatoes or the straws, so she is getting applesauce and mini rice cakes. The lid to the EasyLunchboxes container does close properly over the applesauce cup. 

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