feeling a little goofy

Goofy would be an understatement...look at that silly gingerbread man sandwich!  His eyes are making me giggle. The wild child came home and saw it and said it was weird. WowButter is a great allergy free alternative to peanut butter that tastes and looks so much like the real thing that you'd never know the difference...except if you had a peanut allergy, of course!  The eyes are Wilton candy eyes and the mouth and buttons are Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits. We love those bits around here. Often have to stop myself from grabbing a handful and chowing down. They're just like the marshmallows you find in cereals...without the cereal. Yum!

We are almost ready for the holidays. My store is getting busy as all the shoppers are out and about. It's hard to keep my cool, but fortunately the customers are patient when they see we are working hard to pump out those drinks.  The big gifts are bought and now is the fun part of finding all those little special somethings to round out the presents. My big gift was the camera, but I'm hoping Santa brings me a mustache camera strap and a wifi adapter for it. The camera is great. The mini woman had a chorus concert this week and I used it to shoot some great photos and even better videos. So clear and so nice to have it to add to our pile of memories. It took longer to upload than it did to make. Like twenty minutes for a two minute video...ugh!

Of course, there's a boring seventh grade lunch with this one...her bits are hiding. 

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