feeling a little easy...how many times do I have to say this??!!

EasyLunchBoxes are definitely easy...who wouldn't love being able to slap some food into one container instead of all those little bags and boxes?  I've been working a bit more, and focusing on some other things lately, so lunch is the last thing on my mind. In fact, the girls have been making their own lunches this week and after getting the eye-roll from the husband last night for not packing lunches, I felt I needed to step it up. And this is about as far as I stepped it up, folks. A mushroom ring on top of some grapes with salami and cheese on leftover hamburger buns and pretzel thins. 

Call me easy...I don't care. But please don't say "Ain't nobody got time for that" to me or my other bento moms...and never question what someone packs for lunch.  You don't know their entire meal plan.  Please try and recognize that there's real moms and real people behind these blogs and lunches...they're not just some random pictures. Their kids DO eat this food. Don't comment on their Facebook posts that there's too many carbs or not enough whatever. It's the Internet, yo...and quite frankly, the internet can't accomodate for what you do in your own home. Your kids might not typically eat it, but you'd be surprised if that's what you packed and they were hungry. My wild child won't touch a vegetable at the dinner table, but she scarfs down a whole EasyLunchboxes full of salad at school during lunch. 

Here's the wild child's lunch...she made it herself. Think she's learned it by watching me? (So glad we won't be featured in that Just Say No to Drugs ad campaign just yet). She even took the picture (explains the blur) and set it up on that black and white paper. There's some Star Wars action going on there with goldfish, a homemade chocolate chip cookie, a hot dog bun, peanut butter and jelly in the mini-dippers with a little cheese spreader for that. We are glad to report that there were no issues with her having a cheese knife at school...otherwise we'd have been on the news defending it's blunt edges and versatility. 

John Lennon said it best..."Time you enjoyed wasting wasn't wasted."  I'm living by that now and teaching my daughters to do the same. So much so, I felt the need to waste good time drawing on my chalkboard. And I wasted a LOT of time here...I have sensory issues with chalkboards and just doing that foggy chalk around the clock took like 15 minutes. Tickety tock.  You make time for what you enjoy...so just enjoy it.

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