6 Healthy Lunchbox Recipes

Nowadays, food boxes are all the rage, especially among office workers, students, and those who follow healthy diet. Instead of eating in a cafeteria or cafe, many people take food from home. Therefore, we would like to bring to your attention 6 lunchbox recipes for meals that you can eat at home or take away.

As always, we want to say thanks to a friend from the dating international women project for providing these recipes!

  2. Ingredients

    • Boiled starch noodles - 100 g;
    • Red pepper - 15 g;
    • Green pepper - 15 g;
    • Carrot - 15 g;
    • Onion - 5 g;
    • White cabbage - 30 g;
    • Vegetable oil - 20 g;
    • Soy Sauce - 10 g.

    Cut pepper, carrot, cabbage, and onion into strips. Saute the vegetables for 5 minutes – they should not be too soft. Add boiled starch noodles, pour soy sauce, and stir everything well.

  4. Ingredients

    For the sauce:

    • Garlic - 1-2 cloves;
    • Capers - a small handful;
    • Gherkins - a small handful;
    • Anchovies - 6 fillets;
    • Parsley - two large handfuls;
    • Basil - one bunch;
    • Mint - a small handful;
    • French mustard - 1 tbsp;
    • Wine vinegar - 3 tbsp;
    • Olive oil - 8 tbsp;
    • Sea salt;
    • Freshly ground black pepper;
    • Vegetables:

    • Cucumber;
    • Tomato;
    • Red pepper.

    Chop parsley, mint, basil, and garlic with and sprinkle with salt. Add the finely chopped capers and gherkins. Do the same with anchovy fillets. Add greens and stir everything well. Season with mustard, olive oil, and wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste. The sauce is ready.

    Chop cucumber, tomato, and red pepper, and add olive oil and salsa verde. This is a perfect lunchbox idea for sporty ladies.

  6. Ingredients

    • Quinoa - 120 g;
    • Champignon mushrooms - 70 g;
    • Spinach - 40 g;
    • olive oil.

    Boil the quinoa, and then spin the spinach with the mushrooms in olive oil. Mix all the ingredients and put in the lunchbox.

  8. Ingredients

    • 900 g chicken breast;
    • 100 g of almond flour;
    • 2 eggs;
    • 1 tbsp flaxseed flour;
    • 1 tsp paprika;
    • ½ tsp garlic powder;
    • ½ tsp salt;
    • ½ tsp dry parsley;
    • ¼ tsp black pepper.

    Mix all the dry ingredients in a deep dish. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Dip the sliced chicken fillet into the egg mixture and then into the flour. Put chicken on a baking tray covered with parchment and bake at a heat of 220 degrees for 20 minutes. You can use green peas or beans as a side dish.

  10. Ingredients

    • 1 can of tuna;
    • 1 small cucumber;
    • 1 small carrot;
    • 4 slices of wholemeal bread.

    Mash the fish with a fork. Cut carrot and cucumber into strips. Cut off the crusts from the bread and poll out the soft part. Put tuna and vegetables on the bread. Form a roll and cut it into pieces.

  12. Ingredients

    • 900 g minced meat;
    • 60 g breadcrumbs;
    • 250 g of tomato sauce;
    • 1 egg;
    • 1 tsp onion powder;
    • ½ tsp garlic powder;
    • ½ tsp black pepper;
    • ½ tsp salt.

Mix minced meat, egg, spices, and breadcrumbs and stir well. Put all this in a baking dish, season with tomato sauce, and bake at a heat of 180 degrees for an hour. Cut the meat bread into pieces and put in the lunchbox. You can use vegetables or mashed potatoes as a side dish.

Enjoy your meal!

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