feeling a little lunchy has left the building

So, I am sure if you're still hanging around here reading this blog, you may be wondering where I have gone...I mentioned before that my kids have grown up some and no longer want me to jazz up their lunches.  Last night at dinner, my soon-to-be sixth grader mentioned that while she still wants me to make lunch, she no longer wants it to be funky.  That's cool...I've got other things lined up to occupy my creative needs.  Photography has quickly filled the void left behind by sandwiches painted with food coloring gels.  

That being said, I have no aspirations of turning pro.  I do not wish to start up a portrait business or photography shop in any way.  I don't want to take something I am enjoying and turn it into a job.  I've got enough jobs these days!  I am really enjoying studying photography and editing photos...I like the possibilities that learning Photoshop and Lightroom provide, but my ultimate goal is to get the photo right while I am shooting it.  Quite often, all I edit in is some color correction or a filter to add depth to the photograph.

What do you guys think?  


  1. I think you are an amazingly talented lady!!! I agree about the risk of taking a fun hobby and turning it into a job. I used to make custom cakes for fun. Once I started doing it for money, it quickly became work and I hated it.

    1. That's my biggest fear! Although, I am thrilled about being a second photographer at a wedding this weekend. I may like that job a lot...I wouldn't have to get the clients, or even deal with them outside of the event itself. And I don't even have to edit my own photos! Whoop!

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