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feeling a little photogenic

I accidentally bought a portable light box the other day. How do you accidentally buy something? Well, you shop for it on your Amazon app on your phone and then hit the button to buy thinking that you can't actually make a purchase through the app. can buy things through the app and I did...and I was glad that I did, even if I didn't mean to. Explaining that to the man wasn't so pretty. Good thing it was only $40.

I don't have a fancy camera. All I use to take my pictures is my iPhone. So every picture you see on this blog is honestly, just from an iPhone 4. I'm trying hard to take great pictures, and with the light box, I feel like that may be closer to being true. Be honest...what do you think?

I got the Laurel Hill peace sign pretzels at Whole Foods. They're a big hit around here. The baby corn? Not so much. It was worth a try.

The Lunchbots are a little on the small side for my growing 10 and 11 year old daughters, so they'll be getting a thermos of leftover noodle soup that we made over the weekend.

See the difference? I'm liking the light box a lot.

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